A Healthy Awareness

Its not uncommon to become distracted and engulfed in the worlds chaos as well as your own. In times like these where many have fewer things to do and more time on our hands feeling frustrated, not motivated, and fatigued. This can come in different forms, whether that be your increased interactions on social media, lacking in the urge to exercise, binge watching tv, unhealthy food choices the list is ongoing. Though, I think it is important to allow yourself to have those days of rest and recharge its important to be aware of your boundaries. I recently planned to take a day or two from exercising to rest my body. Those intended days turned into a week.. I found myself feeling fatigued, unmotivated, and my anxiety increased. When I am in that state I often don’t see the bigger picture and it takes for me to realize as to why I may be feeling this way. For me, I need a more routine schedule to keep my head clear and feeling at my best. A healthy awareness and commitment to making daily choices to be intentional in keeping your mind and body at its best is life changing. No its not easy, there are days where I rather just watch tv or be on social media, but I know that it leads me into a negative place.

I challenge you to make plan for your day. Write a schedule that you can loosely follow to keep you on track, but also knowing there is no urgent need to complete it. Take the time to learn about your self and what keeps you at your best.

Remember: This is a process. Be kind to yourself. Its okay to stumble. Just keep going ♡♡


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