Intentional Eating

When finding yourself in a space of anxiety, fatigue, and lack of motivation the energy to function, healthy eating choices may be the last thing on your mind. From my own experience I have found that making an effort to prepare and educate myself on the benefits of nutritious food have enhanced my mood, energy level & overall health. I will be the first say that I do not choose this avenue every day, but when I find my self intentionally choosing healthier meals I overall feel a lot better. Something that I have started to do is make a morning smoothie. I can be intentional in the first food I put into my body giving me the benefits I need to function. Smoothies are a fun way to get the nutrients you need while having fun exploring your preferences & taking care of your body.

Some of my favorite smoothie go to ingredients & their benefits are

Kale: has a wide range of vitamins, high in antioxidants that have benefits of antidepressants and lowering blood pressure, which are both important elements for combating anxiety.

Green Apples: Help with the detoxifying process by keeping your liver and digestive systems from harmful elements. Having a clean digestive system is just as important for your mental health.

Bananas: Have are high in fiber, contain antioxidants and contain Pectin & resistant starch may increase the feeling of fullness.

Avocado: Who doesn’t love the many benefits of avocado! It not only promotes healthy skin & hair, but also contains the healthy monounsaturated fatty acid for a healthy heart, and Oleic Acid which reduces inflammation.

Spinach: One of those super important staples that should always be in your diet. Spinach helps boost immunity, may prevent damage to the Nervous System, Promote eye health & has a vast amount of Vitamins.

Lemon: is another important ingredient that containing Vitamin C and supports heart health

*** These are just some of my favorites but I encourage you to research and experiment with other healthy ingredients to add to your smoothie or meal ♡♡♡


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