Flow with the Day

What a monumental shift on the perspective of your day when you slow your pace & become aware of the quality you put forth. Notice that I didn’t include quantity. Our days are often constructed around the amount of things we can get done. That some how accomplishing a variety of tasks equates to my value. The day revolves around staying busy to avoid the anxiety that is trailing behind you. I have struggled with this during quarantine, not being able to work, I have a vacant space of time. Leaving me to be responsible in what I do during the day. The early months of quarantine I made lists everyday to keep busy and felt pressed to finish each task before the day ended. I found myself AGITATED and IRRITABLE often & though my intentions of keeping busy was to get a hold of my anxiety, my anxiety only increased. I came to realize what I thought was beneficial for my well-being was hindering my chance for true GROWTH. .

So I started flowing with the day,

Set an intention

Let the beginning of your day be about YOUR self care. Drink 8 oz of water first thing in the morning to break your fast. Resist looking at social media or emails first thing in the morning. If you tend to look toward the next task, set a time frame where you are only focusing on you & your mental health. Be honest with your needs in the moment. What is going to bring those healing and quality experiences in this time. Reminding yourself that there is no rush or expectations but just being. Some Activities of awakening self reflection and awareness may be exercising, journaling, Reading, Meditating, Gardening , Self maintenance etc. What MOST important is your awareness of how you feeling and letting go of the need to control.

Be Aware

Going into the next part of your day be aware of your need to rush from one thing to another. Give the task at hand your attention, resist jumping from one thing to another. Find an appreciation and awareness of each task. Don’t feel like you have to finish everything you intended in one day. Your value is not a reflection of how many things you accomplish in the day. Be kind. Don’t rush. Enjoy the Moment.

*** Finding yourself rushing, Stop and take slow deep breaths to re-center.


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