Monday Mantra

Starting the week can be daunting for some who struggle with a nagging fear of what it might bring. It doesn’t matter if the fear is big, small, real, or in your head, you feel it; and it effects the quality of your day. Let me first start off by saying you are valued, your feelings are valued, and you are not alone. What I have found that has been helpful to me, and realize that everyones mind works differently, so this may or may not stick with you. Thats okay. I come up with a saying, a prayer, or as said in the title above a Mantra for the week. Its a phrase that I will repeat when I find mind distracted with fear or doubt etc. This has helped me rise above my clouded and false thoughts to see the reality of what is in front of me. I repeat this several times and take a second or two to observe what is factual and logical in my day and if there is an actual problem that I can fix, I will take those steps to do so. Remember that this a process in learning what works for you and a chance to discover and free yourself. ♡

My Mantra For this week is as follows : Be present in the moment not the future.


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